My Diary...
It all started when I was very young

Since my early childhood , the natural instinct to search and discover colored stones /coins was part of my personality. Once I found a coin that fetched me a little pocket money to buy sweets. This was way back in 1978. Later I showed my discovery to the officials of the National Museum and was informed that they belonged to the Mauryan and Lodhi period. I got inspired to mature further into this habit. Soon it developed into a full fledged passion. I would often put the shutter of my shop down and move to some near by place. Initially I used to go on my cycle ,but later on to save time took the journeys on my old scooter.The relatively untouched area soon started giving results, uncovering many items like silver/copper coins, pottery , pieces of metals, and other structures. I also started reading the literature on archeology and the history of the region and that helped me in my work immensely. I sometimes came across tools like cleaver, chopper, unpainted black and red pottery, beads, and toys belonging to various periods.I have come across the remnants of the stone and copper age on many occasions at Gagosh, ,Rajgarh, Chatras, Bijnawar, Khatkar and many others in the vicinity of the district. Whatever I could discover gave me some happiness and pleasure. I have never received any formal training on archeology, excavation or history but have always stood by the advice of my knowledgeable friends in the field.
The first rock painting discovery was exciting

The discovery at Namana on the 4th December 1993 was a milestone for me. It was a copper period mound and contained a civilization older than the Harappan and Mohen-jo-daro period .Showed stone age, micro lithic period , copper tools and had prehistoric importance. It was indeed one of my most important discoveriesfamous as " Namana ka Teela".My success at Namana has propelled me to hunt for more treasure of different eras. I discovered the rock paintings on 9th Oct. 1997 at Rameshwar in Bundi. It was present at the water falls site. Initially I had no idea about it but later when I discussed it with my friend and historian Jagat Narain ,I learned that it was a rock painting. There were paintings with arms, lines, circles, trees, legs, with all lines and lines, some what like a human being. Later, on 12th June 1998, I discovered rock paintings at Gararda village, 35 kms away from Bundi. It is a great site near a rivulet called Reva , and a big one of around 4 km area. It had 3 dozens of rock paintings. Prominent are the bird rider and geometric designs in the paintings. It is the most largest rock painting in Rajasthan. Till date I have been able to unearth a total of 78 rock painting locations in the region. My other discovered sites include Naldeh , Ramjhar , Hakoda ka Nala, Kevriya Dharwa, Golpur , Mataji Ka Nala, Rawal ka Nal etc. Discovered it on 12th June afternoon in the year 1998. Golpur (33 kms rock paintings shows artistic figures and image of Adi Manav (ancient man) . Discovered Mauryan period coins in Agucha in January 2005 in an old mound in the village. In my last discovery at Banganga in the Bhimlat Ki Paharian in the Bhilwara district searched to get bright yellow colored rock paintings.
Archeological adventure could be sometimes dangerous

On many occasions I have been confronted with wild animals like wild dogs, cobra , viper , sloth bear , fox and even panthers etc. These animals generally take shelter in the caves and live there. These caves are always adjascent to a water source. In an episode, a wolf like animal challanged me. I instantly managed a branch from a tree, made it to a stick and scared away the animal. But such events has not waned my desire of adventure artifact hunting. They do not deter me in my efforts anymore.