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Press Releases

Mr. Om Prakash Sharma alias Kukki is a humble man with a number of stories to tell, a grocery shop to run & a consuming passion towards history. Two decades of his life have been spent exploring the hills and river banks around Bundi. Without any fundings or governmental support he has found evidence of unknown civilizations. Prehistoric rock paintings, weapons of stones,shards of pottery, utencils made out of terracota and coins from various dynasties that ruled in India, constitute his vast wealth of findings. It is commendable for a man who is educated till class 8.
Journey year by year

On Feb 26, 1997, Times Of India published an article on Son of the Soil, in which his discoveries like small and big weapons made of stones, potteries, and utenselis made of terracotta and coins of various ages and periods were mentioned.

Again on June 6,1999, Hindustan Times published an article on kukki Grocer puts Bundi in the sharp focus of History. At that time he discovered 15,000-year old rock painting in Gardada, 35kms south of Bundi.

In 2003, Hindustan Times again discussed the life and works of Kukki in the article The story of a class VII drop out archaeologist and Pioneer news published the article Country Roads which too mentioned the discoveries of Kukki .

In 2006, issue of the immersion of rock paintings after completion of Garada dam was discussed in Hindustan times. Being the discoveror of dozens of painting, he came into scene and put his opinion on this matter through media.

One of the most popular newspaper, The Hindu issued an article on 25,000 year-old ostrich eggshells found in Rajasthan on January 30, 2010 throwing light on late additions of treasures like ostrich eggshells.
The articles being published by different newspapers depicting the various discoveries by Mr Om Prakash Sharma alias Kukki