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Life and Work

Once known only for its magnificent fort, Bundi has now been put on the tourist map by this 55-year-old, a one-time sweet-shop owner. Now,a number of archaeologists and enthusiasts from across the world visit the region to see the paintings that Mr. Om Prakash Sharma alias Kukki says have been "discovered" by him. And for all his efforts, the only thing he yearns for is a bit of recognition. .

He has been given an identity card of an "Honorary Archeologist" by the administration. For years he has been wandering amidst ruined monuments looking for archeological artifacts and antiques and discovered weapons of stone , pottery and utensils of terracota and coins belonging to various periods. One coin dates back to 6 BC. His famous past time is searching and discovering artifacts and ruins.The well known rock painting expert Ervin Neumayer from Austria had verified the sites at Bundi and the self styled Kukki's discoveries are likely to be included in his next publication soon. Unfortunately Kukki is not so rich but his unending desire to search and search never seemed to be ending.
Unique style and enthusiasm

Kukki looked thorough in his style and approach . He has scanned the region extensibly to have the sites information at his tips. He is quite adapt in his art that he can promise you a sure find in a time period. Many of the archeology experts may not agree to his views but his enthusiasm and style is indeed unique and has yielded positive results on many occasions. In the process he has also become a sort of a celebrity but has been often mistaken as an intruder by the villagers. He talked in his unassuming ,confident and raw style about his discoveries and his favourite passion to Chandan Sen.

Kukki, a grocery shop owner in Bundi, has also been documented by Indira Gandhi National Centre for Arts, Indian Rock Art and Research Centre, Nasik, and by State Archaeological Department, Jaipur.

Life and work of Om Prakash Sharma alias Kukki
Life and work of Om Prakash Sharma alias Kukki showing an ancient grave of a king