Who Am I...
"Once in a while you meet some extraordinary. Someone     with such a infectious positive energy, that the only thing
    you can do around them is smile"

I, Om Prakash Sharma alias Kukki, will offer my services as a guide to your archaeological tour to Bundi. You will just follow my footsteps and I will make you feel the archaelogical deepness of the city and its state of architecture. I am an archaelogist by profession with more than hundred archaelogical discoveries in my account. My rockpainting sites will speak the language of the early man itself. So come and experience my perception about bundi and its archaelogical importance.

The intrepid Mr. Om Prakash Sharma alias 'Kukki'

was born and raised in Bundi. He is a candid, jovial and proclaimed archaeologist by profession. He has spent more than 20 years of his life scouring the hills and rivers around Bundi. Without any support and funds he has discovered more than 75 rock painting sites, coins of various dynasties, ancient dice, stone tools, shards of pottery, utensils made out of terracotta and evidence of a previously unknown civilization.

Om Prakash Sharma alias Kukki
Life & Passion

He has a dual personality the kind you read about in Fairytales. Lack of formal education has never come in the way of Om Prakash Sharma, a class VII dropout having thirst for knowledge about archaeology. His passion for archaeology augmented when he was nine years old after finding some ancient coins at "Mordi ki Chatri"� on the mountains of Bundi.

From there it all began

From his early childhood he was fond of ancient coins. Kukki also runs a grocery shop for a livelihood and looks for archaeology. The discoveries of this barely literate grocer have prompted the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) to give him the status of 'honorary archaeologist' as well as set up a one man museum housing of his collection.