The Taragarh (Star) Fort....
The Taragarh (Star) Fort

The Taragarh Fort, or 'Star Fort' is the most impressive of the city's structures. The stunning architecture and the historical significance of this fort make it one of the most sought after tourists spots in Bundi..
Description of Taragarh Fort

Taragarh Fort bestows the tourist guests with a dazzling sunset view. The Fort is embedded with beautiful stone work. The main entrance of the fort is bejeweled with unique intricate elephant's carvings.

Taragarh Fort also houses a water tank which is huge in size and is carved out of solid rock. Nonetheless, the ultimate appealing place to make it a stopover is "Rani Mahal" which is inside the Taragarh Fort. Rani Mahal as the name suggests, is specially designed for the Royal Rajput king's wives and concubines. It used to have a great charm but, now all its grandeur have come to an end.
History of Taragarh Fort
This colossal fort was constructed in AD 1354 upon a steep hillside. The largest of its battlements is the 16th century bastion known as the Bhim Burj, on which was once mounted a particularly large cannon called Garbh Gunjam, or 'Thunder from the Womb'. The tunnels that crisscrossed the entire hill side of the fort were the main point of celebration for immense serving during the time of war.
The Taragarh (Star) Fort of Bundi, Rajasthan(India)