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The Jait Sagar Lake...
The Jait Sagar Lake

For those who want to revive the splendor of the realm of medieval India, they must map out a family trip to southern Rajasthan to travel around Bundi. It is ostentatious about its chocolate box surroundings, antique edifice and museums acting as a storehouse of art and artifacts. Blessed by the bounty of nature, the land is crisscrossed with sparkling rivers, lakes and spellbinding waterfalls. their serene and tranquil ambience are a respite from the din and bustle of city lives.

Bundi bordered by a very big wall has four patterned gateways can be truly called as the throne of Rajasthan. It has been carrying its charm and is really worth of getting endless love and praise from the tourists.
History of Jait Sagar Lake

Very skillfully, Jait Sagar Lake is a gorgeous man made lake nestled among the hills built by Jaita Meena. The lake is surrounded by hills on all sides and has a fountain in the middle which is a visual treat to your eyes. It is a complete delight to see this fountain in the gleaming light of moon. The calm and peaceful atmosphere here is sure to have a very soothing effect on all souls.
Description of The Jait Sagar Lake
Historically, the idea was brought forward by Jaita Meena to construct this appealing Jait Sagar Lake. It has fleeting cascade looks amazing in the night.
The Jait Sagar Lake in Bundi, Rajasthan(India)