The Dabhai Kund....
The Dabhai Kund

The Dabhai Kund portrays the rich art and architecture of the place. It reminds you of the splendid history of the Rajasthan state. In Dabhai Kund, you will get to see the lanes and roads are the reminiscent of the peak victory of Rajasthani reign. It will make you acquainted with the sumptuousness of the Rajput kings of the former times.

Bundi in Rajasthan is a great tourist attraction. In the last few years, Bundi has climbed up the ladder to the top places as a tourist destination. Large number of tourists flock the place every year to witness the beautiful tourist spots in Bundi. The variety of tourist spots in Bundi makes it an even more popular tourist spot as it offers something to tourists of all types.
Description of The Dabhai Kund

The well commended Dabhai Kund, Bundi in Rajasthan is also known as ‘Jail Kund’ considered as the largest Kund in the city. The day-trippers make sure to visit this Kund as it has also puts on view the spectacular carvings of the staircases that slowly and steadily take down to the water level underneath. Though slightly overgrown, it is well worth a visit that will make you aware of the grandeur and splendor of Rajput kings. It will be truly be an enriching experience and will add a new dimension to your tour.
History of Dabhai Kund
Historically, This city of step wells strikes a chord that how the gallantry King, Prithvi Raj Chauhan was badly beaten by Mohammad Ghori in a crucial encounter between the two. The city still declaims the miserable plight of the king. Hence, tourists visiting this place have a great experience as they not only get to witness the marvelous work of art and architecture of the region but also get a clear picture of the historical significance of the place.
The Dabhai Kund in Bundi, Rajasthan(India)