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Market in Bundi...
Market in Bundi

Bundi has some of the best attractions of Rajasthan. The variety of attractions in Rajasthan has been attracting a number of tourists from different parts of the world. Presence of tourist spots with natural beauty, historical significance and forts and palaces make Bundi a dream destination for tourists. However, it is absolutely necessary for a tourists spot to offer proper shopping places to the tourists. The bazaars in Bundi serve the purpose of offering a great shopping place to the tourists. Having a unique ambiance of its own, the bazaars offer a range of exquisite items to the tourists. Hence, the bazaars in Bundi is a must visit during the Bundi tours.

What you can find

Bazaars in Bundi promise a lot for the tourists. It is a dream place for shopoholics. Though the bazaars in Bundi does not offer much of branded products yet a lot of tourists visit the place to buy some of the local items to carry it back as a memento of their visit to Bundi. However, the bazaars in Bundi have some special items which are exclusively found here. The beautiful cotton carpets found in the main bazaar of Bundi is immensely popular among the tourists. Then there are the splendid paintings available in the bazaars of Bundi. The miniature paintings in particular are the most popular among tourists. The creative expression of these paintings is a great experience for the tourists.

The medieval looks of the shops in the Bundi Bazaars are also a splendid experience for the tourists. These shops offer a number of other items like colorful odhnis (shawls), gorgeous Kota sarees, wooden toys, stone statues and lac bangles. These items are a great draw for the tourists as these items give a clear reflection of the local handicrafts and arts. These items remain on top of the demand as these items are not found in other places of the world like big branded products. Moreover, the items will also let you get an idea about the rich culture and tradition of the place. Hence, if you are planning to visit Bundi in the near future, you must keep enough room to enjoy the splendid shopping experience in Bundi. You don't have to be a shopoholic to visit the Bundi bazaars. Shopping at the bazaars in Bundi is not all about buying a lot of stuffs. The mere experience of strolling through the bazaars in Bundi is a wonderful experience enough. So, hurry to splurge on some or all of these nice items during your shopping at the Bazaars in Bundi. It would absolutely be an exciting experience to be remembered for a long time to come.