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Location of the City

Bundi is situated in India in the South East region of Rajasthan and lies at a distance of 206 km from Jaipur and 36 km away from Kota city.


Airways: The nearest airport is Jaipur city Airport.

Railways: The nearest railroad is Kota city.

Roadways: Bundi is well connected to all the cities within Rajasthan.
About Bundi

Bundi is a small town with rustic setting that stands on the foothills of the Aravali Mountains. Bundi is very famous for its baolis meaning waterworks or step wells, havelis, temples and chhatris with carved pillars. The mural adorned palaces, the forts and the monuments tell tales about the glorious past of the city.

Remote as it is in its hilly terrain, Bundi continues to be a place where life is largely untouched by the outside world. Infact, even today, Bundi is one place in Rajasthan that has a delightfully medieval flavor - visiting it is like stepping into some kind of time warp.

Bundi Fact File

Area: 56 sq. km
Population: 88,312 (2001)
Altitude: 268 meter
Languages: Hindi, English, Rajasthani
ISD/STD codes of Bundi

If calling from within India: +0747 (local number)

If calling from outside India: +91-747 (local number)