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I, Kukki offer my services in Bundi and its surrounding area so as to boost and promote the knowledge of its history, culture, art and tradition.

The millenary history of Bundi then unfolds before you through an unparalled variety of Centuries-old rock painting pictures and forts and their great array of architecture and world class fine art collections.More...
      Prehistoric Rock Paintings Tour

The itinerary unfolds through some prehistoric rock painting sites, one of the favourite areas of people prejudiced in huma evolution.

We will start with the largest rock painting pictures site in India: 35 km south of Bundi. The rock paintings dipicts the continuity of human evolution and are estimated to be 15000 years old. More...

Rock PaintingsBundi's Prehistoric Rock Paintings which dates back to early mornings of human history brings out the prehistoric India and are the center of attraction for tourists... More about Bundi rock paintings More...


Stone ToolsBundi has also been found enriched with stone tools dating back to copper age. Tools such as Copper Axe. Copper Chessel and many more are discovered in an around Bundi by Kukki. More...


Ancient CoinsAncient Coins are reflection of history! One of oldest coin dating back to 4th century that is of Mauryan period has been found in Bundi. The findings are set to throw new light on the hoary past of the Hatodi region which is beleived to have sustained an ancient civilization... More...


Prehistoric FindingsFragments of prehistoric ostrich eggshells estimated to be 25000 years old and earthen dice belonging to the Kushan period are the latest additions to the treasure trove of archaeological objects discovered in Bundi district of Rajasthan. More...

    Top 5 reasons why to visit Bundi

The Taragarh

Taragarh Fort of Bundi

State of the art architecture.
Temple with a difference

Old Temple

One of the oldest temple.